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Meet the Author

Mark Williams has been in the business as long as he can remember. His passion for music and guitars started at the early age of 8 years old. He recollects begging his parents for an electric guitar after becoming infatuated with the vox sounds of Brian May and his custom 6 string...


After completing his GCSE’s (with an A* in music to boot) Mark turned back to his love of the actual instrument that craved his attention from the very start.

“ I was about 17 when I really started getting into custom guitars and set-ups. I was studying Music Technology at A level and wanted to learn as much as I could about the craftsmanship, love and attention to detail that goes into making a great guitar. I used to pick up battered old pieces of junk from the local pawn shop and strip them down, play with their design, change the hardware and thoroughly restore or customize the instrument.”

“ Bands came and went at this age. I would get into a band and become very dissuaded very quickly by the amateurish outcome. The one any only thing that never let go of my attention was the instrument itself. For some people it’s cars, for other it’s shoes…for me, it’s Electric Guitars! “

“ I have always looked after my guitars and treated them with the respect they deserve, I would never trust someone else to start playing with its action, tensioning the truss or even a basic polish…my guitars are MINE…and I like to keep them that way. There is no other person that can care for and set up a guitar properly better than yourself…everyone before me believes it should be left to the pro’s but I disagree. If a guitar has been built even moderately well in the first place, maintenance and set-ups can be done by anyone with the correct knowledge and love for their own instrument.”

“ Your Guitar will never play better!”


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